About Flychord

Flychord—New Piano Brand with Historical Roots

Roots and Mission. Founded in 2016, Flychord is rapidly advancing as a pre-eminent piano manufacturing company. Not limited by its 60 year-old roots in an OEM parent company, it is innovating and expanding its product line and delivery by supporting both development and sales teams. Focus is on growth, but also on delivery of an outstanding product. Flychord constructs quality Hi-tech digital pianos, and it seeks to foster a culture of art and music, one that augments the humanities, enlivens passion for piano music, makes good pianos available to every family, and delivers superb music technology at an affordable price. Flychord supports both student and instructor with an innovative music education package. The company sells excellent pianos, and the Flychord development team has produced a teaching system that is a strong support for product sales.

Music Store Support at the Community Level. As Flychord’s growth continues, the company is actively welcoming new contacts and companies as it partners with instrument dealers to provide quality technology at economical prices. Pricing is competitive for consumers and comfortable for the instrument sales industry. Flychord is actively seeking new opportunities to enhance hometown business on the local level as a positive mechanism to increase its own sales and develop local and regional distribution. Its strategy is “cooperative,” i.e., working “with” new and established stores. The Flychord distribution model provides instruments throughout the USA using the “Drop Shipping” delivery model. It supports its end-delivery partners and guarantees benefits to local music vendors by addressing all stock, logistics, and online promotion problems directly.

Strong Product Line. Flychord released two digital pianos for the American market in 2016, the Flychord DP330 and Flychord DP420K. Both have been well-received by customers. Feedback to the company has been very positive because Flychord pays more attention to a piano’s voice quality, touch, and design, instrument factors that enhance any user’s expertise. Company focus on professional training of team members allows the company to maintain quality control over the piano production process. Its rules governing production result in excellent products. Control over the quality production process has allowed Flychord to penetrate the US competitive piano marketplace.

New Competitor Confronts Old-Fashioned Instruments. Flychord compares favorably to traditional pianos. The innovative digital DP330 and DP420k pianos have a number of advantages because of their advanced technology.

1. A Versatile Synthesizer. Flychord engineered its digital piano with technology drawing on samples of more than 500 kinds of timbres. That technology developed new electronic sounds. It utilizes an onboard synthesizer to modify and mix tones. Flychord digital pianos can even be programmed to satisfy user preference for key weight and touch. DP420K is an 88 tripe sensors graded hammer action piano with top 5 layer stereo grand piano samples and 128 polyphony. While DP330 is an 88 Key fully weighted hammer action digital piano with endless function. Novices and experienced musicians have both discovered these versatile pianos, overflowing with programmable player preferences unavailable in traditional pianos.

2. Practice Privacy. The Flychord digital pianos allow players to perform without disturbing others by connecting the headphone. The digital piano’s headphone interface permits a musician to experiment and practice any music, using options altering tonal character, rhythm, cadence, and speed at any time during performance. Because all the instrument’s sound is controlled by the Flychord technology with no external amp or pre-amp involvement, the musician hears with his or her ears only. Whether a musician is in a tight space or a crowded area, the pianist will have a truly private practice time once the earphone mode is enabled and earphone is in place. In a real sense, the musician is in a world bounded only by the Flychord’s private instrumental sound.

3. Access to MIDI Resources. The Flychord technology allows its digital pianos to interface with MIDI files. This technology provides access to an extensive database of music by established musicians. By simply connecting the MIDI interface, the digital piano can access internet, computer, or proprietary APP, permitting the pianist to work together with others or even present a concert “with” an established group of musicians.

4. Compact, Light, and Portable. Flychord digital pianos are light weight and readily moveable. While the typical weight of a traditional piano may be about 450 pounds, Flychord digital pianos weigh in at 110 pounds, 25% the weight of a traditional piano.

Team-Members with Common Purpose. Flychord team members have great respect and appreciation for their pianos and the music performed by their customers. They want both consumers and the piano industry to prosper as pianists and their audiences enjoy the special music from Flychord pianos. Flychord’s commitment to the music instrument community is underscored by its meeting all national and international specifications and standards. Competition invigorates the U.S. and international markets. Flychord’s unique technology, knowledge, and physical accommodation to musician preferences allow it to refine and develop new products for children, adults, their teachers, for music lovers, and others in the broader arts community.