What’s the easiest song to play on piano

by Sukim Lio February 15, 2017

When we set out for learning piano, we want to play some songs we loved best. But some pop music or classic music could be hard for you, which can make you upset as you can’t accomplish it in short time. And it’s so hard to define what’s the easiest song to play on piano, even they just don’t sound completely lame. Well, we’ve got good news for you that how to define the easiest song to play on piano. Actually, it’s definitely possible that a beginner also can play cool stuff from the start. And right here, we’ll show you how to identify those rare transcriptions of songs that sound nice and really suitable for beginners.

Several factors to consider when the easiest song to play on piano

1.Define it by the level of hand independence

As usually, it’s harder when you have to play with both hands more for your brain to actually coordinate the movements of both hands independently. The easiest song to play on piano commonly have a simple accompaniment in the left hand with a few different chords or single notes. Use the right hand to play the melody. As you look at the sheet music the lower line of staff is always for the left hand. Then, the most important factors to define the easiest song to play on piano is that they have few notes or chords there.

2.Hand moving between ranges

A song is harder to play when your hand should jump and stretch more throughout the whole song. As a rule of the easiest song to play on piano that all notes of each hand should be located in one octave, you’d better find songs where the notes you have to play shouldn’t be too far apart from each other.

3.Rhythm forms

The Rhythm form distinguishes the easy piano songs from the harder ones. Complex rhythms often contains a lot of off beats notes and odd values. Before playing a song, you’d better glance the sheet music.

4.The length of the songs

To choose a song not very long so that you can learn it easily. If the song is very long, you may need weeks, even months to learn it. To avoid this happening, you should probably find an arrangement that doesn’t contain more than 60 bars.

What’s the easiest song to play on piano flychord digital piano


The easiest song to play on piano don’t have a fast tempo. But your fingers should get used to quick movement from the start. So that’s okay when to start at a low tempo and increase the tempo of songs over time. Easy piano songs are also without any accidentals, or only few accidentals.

Okay, show your friends beautiful music from your fingers now.

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Sukim Lio
Sukim Lio