What is the best way to learn piano by myself?

by Sukim Lio February 14, 2017

there are many online piano courses that do an excellent job in teaching how to learn piano, but that is the most complete. If you decide for yourself you want to teach yourself to play piano, you should keep a few basic things in mind:

Stick with the course

The courses that are available to you online have enough material in them to keep you busy for ages. If you stick to your chosen course, you will be able to reach your goal of teaching yourself to play piano. Teaching yourself to play piano may seem very daunting at times, but if you are persistent and put in a valiant effort, you will be pleased with your results.

the best way to learn piano


You know the old saying practice makes perfect. By practicing and practicing some more, it is the only way that you will get better. It doesn't matter if you have private instruction or following an online course, these are only tools to teach you a lesson. You are the only one that can make you get in front of the piano or keyboard and tickle the ivory.

Enjoy Yourself

Learning to play piano by yourself can be tough, but this doesn't mean that you can't enjoy yourself as well. As with anything else, rest when you need to, don't over burden yourself with a grueling practice schedule and progress at a steady pace. Whatever the reason that you have for choosing to learn piano, you will have a hard time achieving your goal if you aren't enjoying yourself.

There are few things that I have learned during my experience of teaching myself to play the piano. Number one, don't get overwhelmed with everything. It is easy to look ahead and get frustrated when you are not playing like Billy Joel or Elton John right away. Relax and just take the lessons one by one at your own pace. You will make steady progress and be playing better soon. Second, set aside an hour a day or every other day or whatever works best with your schedule. Consistency is the key. Keep at it consistently and you will make rapid progress. Third, don't get discouraged. It takes awhile to get good at playing the piano. Just be patient and consistent.

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Sukim Lio
Sukim Lio