What is the best digital piano for beginners?

by Sukim Lio February 13, 2017

What is the best digital piano for beginners? I have a Flychord DP420K - it's not super fancy, but I like it for the following reasons:

What is the best digital piano for beginners

- Hammer-action weighted keys - i can never figure out if the whole "hammer action" and "weighted keys" are two different features, or if the latter allows the former to happen - but those two features combined makes you feel like you're playing a real piano. (while still not the same as the real thing, it's much better.)

- Reasonable Price - I'm not a professional musician so this instrument gets about 2 or 3 hours of play a week tops, this instrument is priced to reflect that commitment. (I also got this on craigslist, from an international student on the day before his return to his country of origin, so was able to haggle the price down a bit.)

- Reasonable set of features - For what I paid, I got digital piano that does the whole "piano" thing well, so that's most important. That being said, i enjoy having some of the "features" such as "having other instruments," "record a little song i just came up with," "classical music library on auto play," and most important - headphone jacks - having 1 is nice because that way it's much easier on the neighbors. having 2 is extra nice since if someone comes over they can listen in as well. 

- 88 Keys - I respectfully disagree with the whole "beginners don't need 88 keys" philosophy - how many times are you going to spend time buying an instrument? might as well buy one that feels as close to a real instrument as possible to cut down on near-future work. 

- A Different Pedal - I splurged and bought a different one than the plastic-sandwich that came with the original instrument. It makes playing much more pleasurable.

For general digital piano buying tips:

- Enlist a friend - If you have a piano teacher, ask his/her opinion on the instrument you're considering. A super beginner friend of mine attended 2 or 3 lessons before actually committing to an actual digital-piano - in the meanwhile he was able to research the different types of instruments and seek out his piano teacher's advice. Likewise, when I was shopping for mine, I asked my voice teacher for feedback, and while she wasn't able to give me solid feedback, she was able to forward my email to a friend of hers who's a lot more knowledgeable about digital keyboards, and he was able to give me advise on the type of instrument that is most suited to my needs. Like my teacher, he told me to buy this Flychord DP420K because it has Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action with ivory white keys, ebony black keys.

- Go play the instrument before you buy it - (or bring a friend who plays, if you're feeling less-than-confident) - it's nice to read positive reviews, etc, but definitely play the instrument before you buy because only then will you know if a particular instrument is right for you.

- Get a digital keyboard stand and a bench - at the right height and built for the intended purposes - it's much more enjoyable experience. 

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Sukim Lio
Sukim Lio