What is music?

by Sukim Lio April 23, 2017

100 days after we are born to this world.
We are able to hear music。
What is music?
what is music?
It is the first language that the body learns.
It is a beauty of order.
It is a power of harmony.
It is willingly submitting your heart.
It is looking up a glimmering star.
It is obsessing over someone with whom you have never even spoken.
It is screaming without limit.
Music is a way to forget who you are.
It is a way for you to find arduously who you are.
It is your left foot.
It is your right foot.
It is the uncontrollable neck and ankle.
It is a secretive, irrational dialogue.
It is every sleepless night when the blood broils.
It is the soul shaken hard by speaker boxes.
It is my willingness to surrender 100 times to you.
It is believing that there will be an encore.
It is freedom.
Music is, when it is time.
A journey that must be depart.
It is to care.
It is the will that swears to never be indifferent.
Music is love,
It is saying goodbye to love.
It is my willingness to wait.
It is thank you.
It is goodbye.
It is never seeing each other again.
What is your music?

Sukim Lio
Sukim Lio