Flychord Piano lessons for piano beginners 1 -Learn to Play the Piano Online

by Sukim Lio April 20, 2017

Flychord Piano lessons for piano beginners 1 -Learn to Play the Piano Online

Hi, I am sukim. I'm so excited to be your piano teacher.Today we're doing the first lesson you're going to learn about your piano So if you are watching me on your laptop.Bring your laptop to your piano or your keyboard, so you can try on your piano what I'm going to show you on our piano here.
Now you can see if you can find any patterns on the black sheets if you take a look, you'll notice patterns of two Black Keys in a group and then a group of three Black Keys and that pattern continues all the way up the piano.
Now just for practice let's start at the lowest part of your piano remember left for low,and play just the groups of two Black Keys.You can use either here using two fingers starting at the lowest and all the way up to the hottest getting higher and higher. Two
Black Keys now starting at the high end this time. Let's find the groups of three Black Keys and go all the way down.
So whenever I show you something feel free to try along with me if you need to watch one time then push pause and try it yourself, learn.

piano lessons for beginners class 1

We need to number our fingers, but how?

The most important thing now is to know what finger to put on what note and when, that makes it a lot easier for us to play music. I'm holding on my right hand here, now my thumb is always going to be number one finger, my index finger here is number two finger, my middle finger is number three finger, my ring finger is number four finger, and my little finger is number five finger.

Now we're going to play the note of C/D/E/F/G/A/B on the piano, and up here above the letters are the finger numbers.

piano lessons for beginner 1

Sukim Lio
Sukim Lio